Loans till Next Payday – To handle unplanned monthly expenses

Loans till next payday can sort out many financial problems of the users as there can always be some additional requirements which the salaried person may not have included while planning his budget for the month, like unexpected travel charges or medical costs etc. So when the expenses exceed beyond the planned budget, naturally the salary will exhaust before the end of month. Loan till next payday works as a life saver in this situation as it enables the user to pull on till next his salary. The loan seeker can avail an amount £ 100 to £ 1500 and can pay it back within 14 to 31 days i.e. any time before or on the next payday.

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These are collateral free loans and also facilitate users who have poor credit history. The interest rates charged by lenders are high (generally 15 to 20%) but since amount is small and duration for which interest is calculated is also very short, the borrower does not really have to pay big amount towards interest. It is easily affordable for people with good earning. The lenders generally hold a post dated cheque of loan amount with their service charges and interest added to it which they will deposit on borrower’s next payday for loan reimbursement. The users must clear off the loan by payday to avoid penalty because these loans are suitable for short duration and stretching the span beyond due date can cause borrower to fall into serious debt trap.

The following conditions are vital for loan applicant:-

* The borrower should be a responsible citizen of UK with valid residential proof.
* He should be 18 years or plus at the time of applying.
* The borrower must have savings account in any bank of UK with associated debit card and it should be operative.
* His salary should be regularly deposited to his account for at least past 3 months.
* His employment should be sound and secured with earning above one thousand pounds per month.
* He should be at the current job for last 6 months.

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